Basic Information
Gene Model:Bol035615
Gene Family:Not classificated
Gene Structure
Nucleotide Length:4303 bp
Transcript Length:2226 bp
Protein Length:741 aa
Location:C03: 37189197 : 37193499
Gene CDSs(16): 1-105 | 200-290 | 374-474 | 570-668 | 757-894 | 991-1293 | 1472-1711 | 2047-2220 | 2307-2442 | 2554-2585 | 2709-2765 | 2870-3152 | 3268-3356 | 3605-3658 | 3862-4053 | 4172-4303 |
Protein Sequence Features
DatabaseTermsIdentifierStartEndE-valueInterPro IDDescription
Segsegseg 216 227 NANot foundNot found
Gene3DG3DSA: description 563 662 3.8e-07IPR001606AT-rich interaction region
HMMPfamPF00628PHD 671 725 0.00045IPR019787Zinc finger, PHD-finger
HMMPantherPTHR22970FAMILY NOT NAMED 565 661 0.00077Not foundNot found
HMMPantherPTHR22970:SF1SUBFAMILY NOT NAMED 565 661 0.00077Not foundNot found
HMMSmartSM00249no description 671 723 0.00073IPR001965Zinc finger, PHD-type
ProfileScanPS51011ARID 561 665 18.074IPR001606AT-rich interaction region
superfamilySSF57903FYVE/PHD zinc finger 663 732 1.9e-07IPR011011Zinc finger, FYVE/PHD-type
superfamilySSF46774ARID-like 531 681 4.9e-19IPR001606AT-rich interaction region
Gene Ontology
GO TermGO TypeDescription
GO:0003677 Molecular Function DNA binding
GO:0005515 Molecular Function protein binding
GO:0005622 Cellular Component intracellular
GO:0008270 Molecular Function zinc ion binding
Best HitE_value Description

Note: best hit of this gene was not detected in Swiss-Prot database.

Best HitE_value Description
Q6NQ790.0Q6NQ79_ARATH At3g43240 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=At3g43240 PE=2 SV=1
Best HitE_valueKOEC or Symbol Description

Note: this gene was not detected its best hit in KEGG database.

Gene Cluster
OrthoMCL GroupSpeciesGene List
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT3G43240.1
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol035615
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra034957
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01015005001
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01016680001
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0451400-01
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0451400-02
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0451400-03
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0451700-01
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0451700-02
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0451700-03
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0006s13780.1
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0018s07250.1
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb02g025515.1
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb07g022155.1
ORTHOMCL1795(16 genes,8 taxa):Carica papayaevm.TU.supercontig_82.49
Tandem Duplication
ClusterGene Num.Gene List

The tandem genes of this gene was not detected with strict parameters, so there is no information collected in Bolbase.

Synteny Analysis
Synteny Genes
Compared to A.thaliana Compared to B.rapa
Synteny Regions
SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise

Note: this gene was not anchored on syntenic regions compared to A.thaliana genome.

SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise
B.oleraceaC03:36522656..37365590 (+)B.rapaA10:18557434..19279665 (-)21
Trplicated Block
BlockBest HitStartENDChromosomeSubgenomeNum. of Gene Pairs on Block

Note: this gene was no corresponding triplicated genes.

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