Basic Information
Gene Model:Bol035614
Gene Family:Not classificated
Gene Structure
Nucleotide Length:752 bp
Transcript Length:480 bp
Protein Length:159 aa
Location:C03: 37229593 : 37230344
Gene CDSs(2): 1-451 | 724-752 |
Protein Sequence Features
DatabaseTermsIdentifierStartEndE-valueInterPro IDDescription
HMMPfamPF02519Auxin_inducible 80 142 7e-35IPR003676Auxin responsive SAUR protein
Gene Ontology
GO TermGO TypeDescription

Note: this gene was not detected its best hit in Swiss-Prot database.

Best HitE_value Description
P322957e-15ARG7_PHAAU Indole-3-acetic acid-induced protein ARG7 OS=Phaseolus aureus GN=ARG7 PE=2 SV=1
Best HitE_value Description
Q9M2492e-80Q9M249_ARATH Putative uncharacterized protein F7M19_130 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=F7M19_130 PE=2 SV=1
Best HitE_valueKOEC or Symbol Description

Note: this gene was not detected its best hit in KEGG database.

Gene Cluster
OrthoMCL GroupSpeciesGene List
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT3G43120.1
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT5G20810.2
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol025771
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol035614
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol035792
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Brassica rapaBra002330
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Brassica rapaBra006576
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Brassica rapaBra034954
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01015023001
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0006s13940.1
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0018s07390.1
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb02g025620.1
ORTHOMCL3125(13 genes,7 taxa):Carica papayaevm.TU.supercontig_2136.1
Tandem Duplication
ClusterGene Num.Gene List

The tandem genes of this gene was not detected with strict parameters, so there is no information collected in Bolbase.

Synteny Analysis
Synteny Genes
Compared to A.thaliana Compared to B.rapa
Synteny Regions
SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise

Note: this gene was not anchored on syntenic regions compared to A.thaliana genome.

SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise
B.oleraceaC03:36522656..37365590 (+)B.rapaA10:18557434..19279665 (-)21
Trplicated Block
BlockBest HitStartENDChromosomeSubgenomeNum. of Gene Pairs on Block

Note: this gene was no corresponding triplicated genes.

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