Basic Information
Gene Model:Bol034376
Gene Family:Not classificated
Gene Structure
Nucleotide Length:3335 bp
Transcript Length:3150 bp
Protein Length:1049 aa
Location:C03: 2958526 : 2961860
Gene CDSs(3): 1-2917 | 2991-3063 | 3176-3335 |
Protein Sequence Features
DatabaseTermsIdentifierStartEndE-valueInterPro IDDescription
Gene3DG3DSA: description 882 992 2.7e-07Not foundNot found
Gene3DG3DSA: description 23 195 2.7e-30Not foundNot found
superfamilySSF52540P-loop containing nu 23 991 4e-36Not foundNot found
HMMPfamPF02463SMC_N 22 948 4e-18IPR003395RecF/RecN/SMC protein, N-terminal
Segsegseg 649 664 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 587 601 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 628 639 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 329 343 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 412 428 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 256 271 NANot foundNot found
HMMPantherPTHR19306:SF1STRUCTURAL MAINTENAN 1 1048 0Not foundNot found
HMMPantherPTHR19306STRUCTURAL MAINTENAN 1 1048 0Not foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 857 878 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 620 665 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 676 697 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 745 794 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 316 365 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 371 392 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 399 427 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 281 302 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 246 274 NANot foundNot found
Coilcoilcoiled-coil 186 228 NANot foundNot found
Gene Ontology
GO TermGO TypeDescription
GO:0005524 Molecular Function ATP binding
GO:0005694 Cellular Component chromosome
Best HitE_value Description
Q8CG461e-136SMC5_MOUSE Structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 5 OS=Mus musculus GN=Smc5 PE=2 SV=1
Best HitE_value Description
Q9LFS80.0Q9LFS8_ARATH Putative uncharacterized protein F1N13_60 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=F1N13_60 PE=4 SV=1
Best HitE_valueKOEC or Symbol Description

Note: this gene was not detected its best hit in KEGG database.

Gene Cluster
OrthoMCL GroupSpeciesGene List
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT5G15920.1
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol034376
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra006333
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01032195001
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs05t0596600-02
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0001s26980.1
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0001s26980.2
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb10g027780.1
ORTHOMCL8438(9 genes,8 taxa):Carica papayaevm.TU.supercontig_125.41
Tandem Duplication
ClusterGene Num.Gene List

The tandem genes of this gene was not detected with strict parameters, so there is no information collected in Bolbase.

Synteny Analysis
Synteny Genes
Compared to A.thaliana Compared to B.rapa
Synteny Regions
SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise
B.oleraceaC03:1982512..4896037 (+)A.thalianaChr5:4002775..7686779 (+)386
SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise
B.oleraceaC03:1982512..3407547 (+)B.rapaA10:10299..1528392 (-)131
Trplicated Block
BlockBest HitStartENDChromosomeSubgenomeNum. of Gene Pairs on Block
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