Basic Information
Gene Model:Bol034114
Gene Family:Not classificated
Gene Structure
Nucleotide Length:1014 bp
Transcript Length:1014 bp
Protein Length:337 aa
Location:Scaffold000040: 1545715 : 1546728
Gene CDSs(1): 1-1014 |
Protein Sequence Features
DatabaseTermsIdentifierStartEndE-valueInterPro IDDescription
Segsegseg 139 154 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 317 332 NANot foundNot found
HMMSmartSM00184no description 80 121 3.4e-06IPR001841Zinc finger, RING-type
HMMPfamPF00097zf-C3HC4 80 121 6.9e-13IPR018957Zinc finger, C3HC4 RING-type
ProfileScanPS50089ZF_RING_2 80 122 12.666IPR001841Zinc finger, RING-type
HMMPantherPTHR22764RING FINGER PROTEIN 79 123 7e-15Not foundNot found
Gene3DG3DSA: description 73 127 1e-15Not foundNot found
superfamilySSF57850RING/U-box 73 127 5.2e-18Not foundNot found
Gene Ontology
GO TermGO TypeDescription
GO:0005515 Molecular Function protein binding
GO:0008270 Molecular Function zinc ion binding
Best HitE_value Description
Q8RXX91e-169ATL3B_ARATH RING-H2 finger protein ATL3B OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=ATL3B PE=1 SV=2
Best HitE_value Description
Q4FE311e-168Q4FE31_ARATH At3g05200 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana PE=2 SV=1
Best HitE_valueKOEC or Symbol Description

Note: this gene was not detected its best hit in KEGG database.

Gene Cluster
OrthoMCL GroupSpeciesGene List
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT3G05200.1
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol034114
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra039454
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra040642
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01000015001
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs09t0468300-00
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0005s03900.1
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0013s02670.1
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb02g027200.1
ORTHOMCL6121(10 genes,8 taxa):Carica papayaevm.TU.supercontig_1183.1
Tandem Duplication
ClusterGene Num.Gene List

The tandem genes of this gene was not detected with strict parameters, so there is no information collected in Bolbase.

Synteny Analysis
Synteny Genes
Note: This gene was not anchored on pseudo-chromosomes.
Synteny Regions
SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise

Note: this gene was not anchored on syntenic regions compared to A.thaliana genome.

SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise

Note: this gene was not anchored on syntenic regions compared to B.rapa genome.

Trplicated Block
BlockBest HitStartENDChromosomeSubgenomeNum. of Gene Pairs on Block

Note: this gene was no corresponding triplicated genes.

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