Basic Information
Gene Model:Bol009030
Gene Family:ARIADNE Gene Families
Gene Structure
Nucleotide Length:1578 bp
Transcript Length:1578 bp
Protein Length:525 aa
Location:Scaffold000240: 477046 : 478623
Gene CDSs(1): 1-1578 |
Protein Sequence Features
DatabaseTermsIdentifierStartEndE-valueInterPro IDDescription
HMMPantherPTHR11685:SF10ARI-LIKE RING ZINC F 95 521 3.8e-244Not foundNot found
HMMPantherPTHR11685ARIADNE RING ZINC FI 95 521 3.8e-244Not foundNot found
ProfileScanPS50089ZF_RING_2 136 182 8.521IPR001841Zinc finger, RING-type
HMMPfamPF01485IBR 205 269 2.2e-25IPR002867Zinc finger, C6HC-type
HMMSmartSM00647no description 277 343 0.064IPR002867Zinc finger, C6HC-type
HMMSmartSM00647no description 205 269 1.2e-25IPR002867Zinc finger, C6HC-type
PatternScanPS00518ZF_RING_1 318 327 NAIPR017907Zinc finger, RING-type, conserved site
PatternScanPS001972FE2S_FER_1 153 161 NAIPR0060582Fe-2S ferredoxin, iron-sulphur binding site
superfamilySSF57850RING/U-box 220 279 0.016Not foundNot found
superfamilySSF57850RING/U-box 288 346 3.9e-16Not foundNot found
superfamilySSF57850RING/U-box 113 226 2.7e-09Not foundNot found
Segsegseg 494 505 NANot foundNot found
Segsegseg 17 55 NANot foundNot found
Gene Ontology
GO TermGO TypeDescription
GO:0005515 Molecular Function protein binding
GO:0008270 Molecular Function zinc ion binding
GO:0009055 Molecular Function electron carrier activity
Best HitE_value Description
Q8L8290.0ARI5_ARATH Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ARI5 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=ARI5 PE=2 SV=1
Best HitE_value Description
B9HHY60.0B9HHY6_POPTR Predicted protein OS=Populus trichocarpa GN=POPTRDRAFT_820446 PE=4 SV=1
Best HitE_valueKOEC or Symbol Description
Gene Cluster
OrthoMCL GroupSpeciesGene List
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT1G05890.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT2G31510.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT2G31760.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT2G31770.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Arabidopsis thalianaAT2G31780.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol004534
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol004656
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol006452
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol006453
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol008223
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol009030
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol014128
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol023324
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol024724
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol041028
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica oleraceaBol045042
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra005642
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra006112
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra015463
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra021726
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra021742
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra022479
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra022845
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra022865
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Brassica rapaBra023338
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01003757001
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Vitis viniferaGSVIVT01010742001
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs04t0492100-01
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs08t0540300-01
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Oryza sativaOs09t0513800-01
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0007s02130.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0008s07680.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0010s18800.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Populus trichocarpaPOPTR_0017s06050.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb06g021080.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Sorghum bicolorSb07g025570.1
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Carica papayaevm.TU.supercontig_71.10
ORTHOMCL241(38 genes,8 taxa):Carica papayaevm.TU.supercontig_99.46
Tandem Duplication
ClusterGene Num.Gene List

The tandem genes of this gene was not detected with strict parameters, so there is no information collected in Bolbase.

Synteny Analysis
Synteny Genes
Note: This gene was not anchored on pseudo-chromosomes.
Synteny Regions
SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise

Note: this gene was not anchored on syntenic regions compared to A.thaliana genome.

SpeciesRegionMapped SpeciesMapped RegionNum. of Genewise

Note: this gene was not anchored on syntenic regions compared to B.rapa genome.

Trplicated Block
BlockBest HitStartENDChromosomeSubgenomeNum. of Gene Pairs on Block

Note: this gene was no corresponding triplicated genes.

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