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Genome component page

User can browse genome components of B.oleracea, including putative genes, repeat elements and non-coding RNA. For putative gene, there are four parts in this section, method, gene cluster (gene family, orthologs group, tandem duplicated arrays, pseudomolecular chromosome distribution of putative genes, scaffold distribution of putative genes).

Pathway page

User can browse the pathway of B.oleracea genes that participated in. Users can click "+/-" tag for interested pathway, also by clicking entry name to understand corrosonding pathway. 


This is an example pathway of B.oleracea genes participated in. 

Syntenic regions page

This is an syntenic regions example between B.oleracea and A.thaliana genome.  In this page, syntenic regions with different length were distinguished by different colors. Through clicking cartoon picture of pseudomolecular chormosomes, user can browse syntenic regions  between target chromosome and corresponding ones.


This is an syntenic regions example between A.thaliana  Chr01 chromosome and B.oleracea genome. Users can retain that there are 153 syntenic regions between  A.thaliana  Chr01 chromosome and B.oleracea genome.


Picking up a region of B.oleracea C01 chromosome as an example, users can browse details of target regions compared to A.thaliana genome. Further, users can get gene pairs between the two regions.

Search page

For B.oleracea genome, users can get detail information by inputing putative gene, repeat element as well as non coding RNA ID. Users can also understand functional enrichment gene clusters of B.oleracea gene By inputing gene ontolog ID, IPR ID and pathway ID. For comparative genomics. when users input block ID and chromosome ID, gene pairs of 24 blocks based on A.thaliana conserved blocks, syntenic regions and syntenic sub-blocks were displayed among A.thaliana, B.rapa and B.oleracea genome, respectively.

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